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1Rules of this forum Empty Rules of this forum on Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:05 am

Below are the main forum rules for this site. We know that you are all good members, but we need you guys to know these to avoid getting into trouble, and dragging visitors away from the site.

Every single rule below applies to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, profiles, avatars and signatures.

Please read carefully as there is no valid reason for violating ANY policy, especially with the excuse "I didn't know it was a policy." "I haven't read the rules yet." or "I didn't think that was the meaning of that rule." Ignorance of any of the rules is never acceptable, no matter how strict the rule is.

If you don't know whether or not your actions violate the site rules, or do not understand the rule and/or why it's there, you should refrain from doing that action and ask an Administrator or Moderator before proceeding. Keep in mind that Moderators and Administrators have final say about what happens on this site and their decisions are are final.

Also, please keep in mind that the rules may change unexpectedly, so please check them at least once a week.

We Mariokirb's Site of Destruction to be a safe, friendly community, so make sure you follow all of them!


Don't post anything non-G, or in other words, anything that
wouldn't be in a Disney cartoon in the early 90's.

Don't use innappropriate language or innappropriate pictures in your post. This means profanity (in both text & image form), s**ual words or images, gory or gross images, migrain-triggering flashes, or anything else that some people might find uncomfortable or can't cope with.

Try to keep text talk (txt tlk), bad word order (Word bad order!!!), yelling (YELLING!), purposely exaggerated bad grammar (pRupsly exagrtd bd grmr!!!!!!!!!!11!!11), mixed caps (mIxEd CaPs) and leet speak (L33T5P34K) to a minimum. Using the occasional 'u' or 'r' is okay.

Don't post just for the sake of increasing your post count or litter the forums.

No Spamming (Identical/irrelevant posts, off topicness, posts that disrupt a thread, mass PMing who haven't invited you to PM them, posting extremely random/spammy stuff just to increase your post count, using the forum as a chat room (e.g. POSTER 1: hi POSTER 2: hello POSTER 1: do you want to play brawl with me POSTER 2: okay then who are you playing as? POSTER 1: i'll play as luigi which course shall we play on? POSTER 2: mario kart circuit POSTER 1: oky letsa go POSTER 2: oh no my health is going down POSTER 2: haha i just threw you) threads with the topic of "what I did today..." (this is a forum, not a blog or chatroom), repetitive bumping of threads (you can only bump once after someone (including you) hasn’t posted in the thread for 24 hours), one or two letter replies (i.e. ok, LOL, Yes, agreed, nods) and posts containing more than 30 smilies, or 5 smilies per line, whichever is smaller), Phishing (tricking someone to giving away their account or credit card details) or Flaming (causing huge arguments).

Don't post any personal information. Personal information means age [because if you say your age, people will know how to target and attack that specific age group], SPECIFIC location [country/state is as far as you want to get], last name [you are one of the only people on Earth with your first and last name], photos of self [if randomers know what you look like, they can get ya easier], etc.

You will get banned if you do not follow the rules Mad Mad Mad .

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